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Barley Beef Box

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Seven Barley-Finished Cuts with Superior Marbeling

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7 Thick, Alluring Cuts Featuring the Ideal Combination of Free-Range and Barley-Finishing for Superb Marbling and Bold Flavor

barley fed no gmo no hormones

The unquestioned All-Star team of the Steakhouse. Porterhouse, T-Bone, New York, and Cowboy — now that's a potent lineup. These are elite cuts you won't be able to find at the local grocer. One bite and you'll understand why they are in such demand.

Enjoy 7 hand-selected curated cuts from South Australia — with the cleanest air in the world, lush meadows, spacious paddocks and a peaceful stress-free existence. The way farming is meant to be.

This box contains:

  • (2) Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus Cowboy Steak 18-22oz
  • (2) Wanderer Barley-Fed Angus T-Bone Steak 16-18oz
  • (2) Pure Black Barley Beef New York Steak 12ox
  • (1) Wanderer Free Range Barley Fed Porterhouse Steak 18-22oz

This premium collection of coveted free-range, barley-fed South Australian steaks would cost at least $600 at a fine dining restaurant or steakhouse — but for the first time you can have them delivered directly to your home for much less than that. Enjoy even more value if you're a member of the Herd & Grace Club.

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About Wanderer Free-Range Barley-Fed

The combination of barley and a free-range South Australia environment strikes the perfect balance to produce year-round quality beef.

Wanderer's unique modern farming method achieves year-round quality and consistency in marbling and tenderness.

Enjoy the rich flavor of barley fed beef with the assurance of a natural and free range environment.

• Free range
• Certified Humane
• Unique farming method combining barley and a free-range environment
• No intensive feedlots
• Marble scores MB2-3 and MB4+
• Natural State Hanging Method (Hip Hung)

Renowned for delivering a rich, juicy eating experience, barley feeding brings superior marbling and tenderness to discerning food lovers around the world. All of this achieved without the use of intensive feedlots.

Wanderer cattle roam free in paddocks while also having access to barley through an innovative, mobile feeding system. This approach provides a relaxed environment with the highest animal welfare standards in mind.

Innovative Farming
The Wanderer Barley Beef program allows farmers to consistently supply high quality beef. Even in times when pasture may be affected by drought or seasonal changes, thanks to this combination approach.