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Our Farms

Discover the Source

We are proud of the select group of farmers that supply Herd & Grace. 

Our proteins hail from the best producing regions of southern Australia including Gippsland (Victoria), Limestone Coast (South Australia), King Island and Flinders Island (Tasmania) — all of which are required to meet stringent quality and processing standards set by Meat Standards Australia

Producers are selected based on industry leading cattle breeding practices and elite genetic pointers, which deliver the most consistent of eating quality. Their farms are located in the best regions for raising cattle, delivering the highest and most consistent fodder growth available.

Our Farmers

Here are a few of our rigorously selected farmers

Alison Napier

"This is an ideal environment to grow grass and produce beef.

Under the watch of St Patrick’s head, lies the town of St Marys. "During summer we get the sea breeze coming over the hills and the winter can deliver breathtaking conditions including frosts which can last most of the day,” says Alison.

Charles Rothwell

"You know what? – I love the fact that we can supply ‘natural beef’ to domestic and export markets, it’s all natural around here anyway."

Charles Rothwell owns and runs the Armitage property, 330 acres of prime fattening country five kilometres south of Burnie. He reckons the “Angus and Hereford breeds are the most consistent but the best of the Murray Greys can take it right up to them” in weight gain and temperament.

David Bellinger

It’s been an amazing journey. We basically came here with virtually nothing eighteen years ago and it’s been great to see what we have achieved with the country.

On the Eastern edge of Bass Strait lies the Furneaux Group of Islands including Flinders Island. “You’ve never heard anything like it”, says David as we move through a crop of Sorghum. Only a few metres into the paddock, “a mob of 200 Angus heifers runs in a great wave of black through the chin-high crop.