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Robbins Island Wagyu Filet Mignon | 8 oz

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Wagyu | Barley-Fed | 8 ounces | MB9+

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The most tender cut of the legendary Wagyu breed — with melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtly delicate flavoring

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  • This cut combines the most tender cut of them all with the hedonistic juiciness of the Wagyu breed. Looking for that perfect steak to celebrate a special occasion? These mouth-watering opulent cuts are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic evenings.
  • Prized for a refined buttery-soft texture, lean and succulent with a delicious mild flavor
  • Full-blood Tajima Wagyu cattle raised by the Hammond family on Robbins Island
  • With a marbling score of MB9+, this is comparable to elite Japanese Wagyu A5 rated cuts — without paying an exorbitant price. Call us biased, but we prefer the Tasmanian version — a taste that can only come from a peaceful life on a lush, pristine island paradise.
  • Experience ultimate world-class luxury as a result of their impeccable genetics, sustainable farming practices, and a pristine environment.
  • Our Australian Wagyu has won multiple awards including the Gold Medals for Australian Wagyu Award for Branded Beef in 2020 and 2021. The best of the best.
  • Virtually no connective tissue or fat, so little to no marbling. But what fat remains is extremely well integrated and high quality, making for a incredible taste.
  • A delicate and subtle flavor with an elegant, compact shape.
  • So fine grained that you can cut it with a fork.
  • Pairs well with wine based sauces, Tasmanian black truffles and herb or horseradish crusts, and compound butters.
  • For the very best flavor, should be cooked with high heat methods such as sautéing, grilling or broiling.
  • Literally translated from the original french, "Filet Mignon" means "cute, dainty, and tender fillet."
  • 8 ounce cut

Available In:

H&G Ultimate Wagyu Box

Lean and High in Protein

A 4-ounce serving of filet mignon has approximately 255 calories, an outstanding 29 grams of protein, and only grams of fat.

It’s also a valuable source of iron, zinc, selenium and B vitamins.

Also Known As

• Filet
• Filet Mignon
• Fillet Chateaubriand
• Tenderloin Filet
• Tenderloin
• Steak Tournedos (Tenderloin Tips)

Cooking Suggestions

• Best cooked on a heavy bottomed pan on the stove top or outdoor grill to emphasize its leanness and delicate nature.
• Because of their relative lack of interior fat, this cut cooks quickly.
• On the grill, some top steakhouses will rub a stick of butter on the warm steak as it cooks to help build a delicious crust. Given the lack of fat, some additional basting with butter at the end is a good idea.
• Because of its mild flavor, some people prefer to add herbs and garlic to the cut.

Best served medium to medium rare
Grilled  |  Pan Seared 

Wine Pairing

• If simply seasoned, a light selection such as Pinot Noir

• If served with a thicker sauce, then opt for a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese

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Robbins Island Tasmanian Wagyu

The world's cleanest air.
Robbins Island is situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania, where prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones.

During the iconic seasonal musters, bands of local horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas.

The cool climate, salt air, and pristine environment are ideal for naturally raising some of the most tender and best tasting beef in the world.  These pastures provide the ideal foundation for nutrients prior to the cattle entering a grain-ration assisted program.

Fourth generation cattle farmers John, Keith, Alex and Chauncey Hammond have been breeding Wagyu on Robbins Island since the early 1990’s.

Robbins Island cattle are retained on pasture for at least two years before moving to supplemental grain finishing for consistency of marbling. The feed ration has been created with the animal’s natural diet in mind, incorporating a high ratio of grass fodder and kelp seaweed extract from nearby King Island to reflect and mimic the local flora.

Featuring Beef Marble Scores of 4-6 & 7-8 and 9+, the taste signature is an ideal combination of specific Wagyu genetics, a pristine environment, years of free-range, grass-fed living.

The herd is selectively bred to carry the elusive ‘soft fat’ gene, traditionally coveted by the Japanese for its lower melting points and buttery mouth feel. In Japanese, the concept of WAGYU translates to balance or peace. From Robbins Island, Tasmania, a unique taste - in harmony with nature.