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Holiday Prime Rib Recipe

Holiday Prime Rib Recipe
  1. Pull out roast from fridge and take out of package, pat dry
  2. Generously season with Spiceology Prime Rib Rub or if you’re a purist, good old fashion Tasmanian sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper
  3. Let the roast sit on counter for 30-45min
  4. Set oven to 250 degrees
  5. Set roast in oven and cook for at least 20 min per pound or until internal temp is 120 degrees.
  6. Rest the roast for 30 minutes
  7. Turn up the temp in over to 450-500 degrees
  8. Return roast to oven and cook for 5-10min to get that beautiful caramel sear that we all love.
  9. Slice, serve and enjoy!
  10. Don’t forget to finish off with our Tasmanian flake sea salt

Cooking Temperatures Based On “Doneness”: 

Rare: <115F 
Medium-Rare: 120F 
Medium: 135F 
Medium-Well: 150F 
Well-Done: 155-160F 

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