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Wanderer Free Range Barley Beef T-Bone Steak

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Barley-Fed | 16-18 ounces | MB4+

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The T-Bone offers both a flavorful savory New York strip and a buttery soft tender Filet Mignon in one Incredible Cut

  • Enjoy the same fantastic two-for-one benefits of the famed Porterhouse steak, but with a smaller portion of the Filet Mignon. The original bone-in steak, one of the longest running favorites at 5-star steakhouses.
  • Well-marbled, juicy, tender, robustly flavored and unbelievably delicious.
  • A generous bone-in cut which contains sizable portions of both the tenderloin ( the Filet Mignon) on one side, and the robustly meaty-flavored strip (New York or Kansas City strip steak) on the other. No need to make a difficult choice here.
  • A greatest hits of all that people love about steaks — with the unbelievable filet side racking up points for tenderness and the strip steak side scoring with its one-of-a-kind beefy flavor.
  • Smaller than the Porterhouse, but still packs the same optimal tenderness and legendary flavor
  • Raised using innovative farming techniques that combine free range grass-fed methods with barley grain fed finishing for superior marbling.
  • MB4+

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Available In:

H&G Barley Beef Box

Lean and High in Protein

4 ounces of the T-Bone provides 31 grams of protein, 3.6 mg of iron and 5.2 mg of zinc

Cooking Suggestions

• Since this is a thick cut, care must be taken to get the interior to medium rare. We recommend the reverse sear method.
• Be sure steaks are completely defrosted. 4 hours prior to cooking, season steaks with salt and keep them uncovered in the fridge.
• Dry the surface of the steak with paper towels.

• Preheat oven to temperature of 300 degrees
• Using a digital thermometer, keep track of internal temperature of porterhouse steak and remove steak from the oven once it reaches 10 degree below your final desired temperature. (145 is medium rare, so 135 would be the temperature at which you remove the steak.)
• Sear the steak on a hot cast-iron pan or grill, flipping every 30 seconds to develop a nice brown crust. 1 to 2 minutes per side.
• Let the steak rest for 2-5 minutes.
• Slice against the grain and serve!

Wine Pairing

A Syrah is a prime choice for the porterhouse steak. Similar to the way the porterhouse offers both the tenderness of a Filet Mignon and the taste of a New York Strip, this wine boast the tannins of a pinot noir along with the dark fruit flavors of a Cabernet Sauvignon.

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About Wanderer

The combination of barley and a free-range South Australia environment strikes the perfect balance to produce year-round quality beef.

Wanderer's unique modern farming method achieves year-round quality and consistency in marbling and tenderness.

Enjoy the rich flavor of barley fed beef with the assurance of a natural and free range environment.

• Free range
• Certified Humane
• Unique farming method combining barley and a free-range environment
• No intensive feedlots
• Marble scores MB2-3 and MB4+
• Natural State Hanging Method (Hip Hung)

Renowned for delivering a rich, juicy eating experience, barley feeding brings superior marbling and tenderness to discerning food lovers around the world. All of this achieved without the use of intensive feedlots.

Wanderer cattle roam free in paddocks while also having access to barley through an innovative, mobile feeding system. This approach provides a relaxed environment with the highest
animal welfare standards in mind.

Innovative Farming
The Wanderer Barley Beef program allows farmers to consistently supply high quality beef. Even in times when pasture may be affected by drought or seasonal changes, thanks to this combination approach.