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Gundagai Boneless Lamb Saddle

$64.00 $84.46
Member Pricing: $57.60 $76.01

Free Range | 2 lbs | GLQ5+

Highest Quality + Best Tasting Lamb

  • The lamb saddle is known for its superb taste, succulence, and juiciness. It can be compared to the sirloin cut of beef.
  • The loin is the most tender part of the lamb. The sought-after Loin Chops, Noisettes, and Valentine Steaks are all cut from there.
  • The most popular cooking method includes searing the saddle in a pan and then moving it into the oven for a delicious roast.
  • This is the perfect cut to wow your guests with your culinary expertise.
  • Each lamb is graded for the perfect balance of mouth-watering intramuscular fat and just the right amount of tender lean meat.
  • For the first time, objectively measures the overall health and well-being of each lamb. Only the healthiest lamb gets labeled as Gundagai
  • GLQ 5+ means more delicious lean meat with the perfect amount of fat for tender flavor — no excess wasteful fat.

Cooking Suggestions

  • To enhance the presentation and flavor, add some seasonings and stuffing. Consider some fresh herbs such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary. And don’t forget to add some garlic! 
  • After you’ve added your filling, tie up the lamb and leave it overnight to infuse the flavors.
  • Heat up a pan with oil over high heat and sear the outside of the lamb before placing it in the oven. This will help to create a delicious crust.

Wine Pairing

  • Try Pinot Noir with your lamb saddle. This light-bodied red wine has a delicate aroma of raspberries, strawberries, and violets that complement the subtle flavors of the lamb.
  • Bring out the rich flavors of your lamb saddle with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannins in the wine will cut through the richness of the lamb and bring out its savory notes.

About Gundagai Lamb

This lamb is truly a cut above

Gundagai is obsessed with knowing as much as they can about the quality of the food they produce and consume. Their new technology allows them to accurately measure the Lean Meat Yield, Intramuscular Fat (think delicious marbling) and Animal Health of all Gundagai Lambs.

They grade each lamb on the perfect balance of mouth watering intramuscular fat and just the right amount of tender lean meat. And for the first time, they are able to objectively measure the overall health and well-being of each lamb. The healthier the lamb? The higher the grade. They never settle for anything less than the highest quality and best tasting lamb, and neither should you.