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Campo Grande Iberico Coppa | 2 oz

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  • Iberico Pork comes from the distinctive Black Iberian Pig – also known as “Pata Negra”.
  • This rare breed from Spain is bred to contain a higher fat content than many other pigs, giving the meat a distinctive marbling similar to Kobe and Wagyu beef.
  • The pigs roam free and eat the local all-natural cuisine. They feed for at least two seasons to help garner that truly distinct flavor.
  • Campo Grande’s Iberico pigs are fed a diet of nuts and whole grains, which makes for multilayered flavor and incredible marbling.
  • Iberico's Coppa comes from the center cut of the shoulder muscle. The cut is cured with salt and spices, then hung up to dry. 
  • Slices best served at room temperature, accompanied with nuts and berries.
  • Contains 2 oz.