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Black Opal Wagyu New York Steak | 12 oz

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Wagyu | Barley-Fed | 16 ounces | MB6-7

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Experience F1 Australian Wagyu

  • Indulge in the unparalleled flavor and tenderness of our F1 Australian Wagyu New York Steak.

  • Black Opal’s F1 crossbreed results in a luxurious steak with marbled layers of fat for a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

  • This cut’s intense marbling infuses the steak with an unmatched flavor, juiciness, and tenderness that's reserved for the world's finest restaurants.

  • It’s perfect for those special occasions when only the best will do. Bring this restaurant-quality experience into your home kitchen.

  • Enjoy this cut medium-rare for the most authentic experience. This cooking method will highlight the cut’s complex flavor profile and delectably juicy nature.

    Cooking Suggestions

    • Cooking Australian F1 Wagyu ground beef is easy. Prepare it similarly to other types of ground beef—pan-fry, grill, or bake—but be careful not to overcook, as Wagyu can cook faster than other types of ground beef due to the higher fat content. 
    • Use minimal seasonings to fully experience the buttery flavors and avoid over-handling to preserve juiciness.
    • Always cook ground beef to 160°F for optimal food safety.
    • Do not use color as an indicator of doneness.
    • Cook it on a skillet for juicy burgers or grill it to add a smoky flavor to your dishes. 
    • Bake it into a mouth-watering meatloaf or let it simmer slowly in a flavorful sauce. 

    Wine Pairing

    • Zinfandel, a bold choice, pairs perfectly with heartier dishes like ones that utilize ground beef. The peppery notes in many Zinfandels complements bold and beefy flavors. 
    • If you're preparing a lighter dish with ground beef, a bottle of Pinot Noir could be your perfect match. Its lighter body and higher acidity creates a beautiful contrast. 
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    Black Opal F1 Wagyu

    Black Opal’s cattle are raised on Victoria and Tasmania’s pristine pastures before spending 380 days on grain creating a rich, buttery flavor and superb texture.

    The entire Black Opal process, from breeding to processing guarantees the consistent supply of Australia’s finest Wagyu, all year round. Its rich, buttery flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture is a truly luxurious eating experience.

    • Wagyu F1 Angus Cross 
    • Minimum 380 Days on Feed
    • Bred in Victoria and Tasmania
    • Fed in Victoria and Southern NSW 
    • No Added Hormones 
    • Sustainably Raised