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Happy Cows

Stress-free, beautiful environments

Better Lives.

Ethical treatment of our animals is a cornerstone of Herd & Grace's commitment to delivering exceptional quality beef. We firmly believe that the well-being of the animals in our care directly impacts the quality of our products, and this begins with providing them with an environment that is far removed from the harsh conditions of factory farms.

Our cows live in beautiful, natural environments that are carefully chosen to ensure their health and happiness. They graze on lush, open pastures where they have the space to roam and forage, fostering their natural behaviors. These idyllic settings are a far cry from the cramped and stressful conditions often found in industrial-scale farming operations. By allowing our cows to live in a more natural and serene environment, we ensure that they experience a stress-free and contented life.

We firmly believe that the quality of life our animals enjoy is reflected in the exceptional quality of our beef. The absence of stress, coupled with access to fresh air and open spaces, results in healthier and more contented cows. This, in turn, translates into meat that is tender, flavorful, and of the highest quality. At Herd & Grace, ethical and humane treatment of our animals is not just a commitment; it's a core principle that defines who we are and the exceptional beef we proudly offer to our customers.

How It Works

We make it simple to access the best beef on the market

1. We Source

Our longstanding relationships with Australian farmers provides Herd & Grace unique access to world class proteins. We trace the origin of every single cut back to the idyllic pastures it came from - surpassing the Australian MSA grading system, which is the most stringent and demanding in existence.

2. You Choose

Choose from expertly curated boxes, premium individual cuts, or create your own customized box. Pick a frequency of delivery from monthly to twice yearly. You can easily update these choices online anytime, at your convenience.

3. We Deliver

We ship out orders every Wednesday and employ a cut-off of noon PST on Tuesday to determine that weeks batch. Products are shipped frozen with insulation, dry ice, and ice-packs to keep the products safe and delicious while in transit up to 72 hours.