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Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Outside Skirt | 12-14 oz

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Barley-Fed | 12-14 ounces | MB4+

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A hard to find butcher's favorite, reserved for upscale restaurants

  • Pure Black focuses on high genetic Angus Cattle and raises them with a 250-day barley feeding regiment. 
  • Outside skirt steak is sometimes referred to as a "butcher's cut" because it's a uniquely delicious cut that is difficult to find.
  • The natural flavor and richness of outside skirt steak is elevated by the marbling inherent to this MB4+ rated beef. 
  • Skirt steak is a great choice—with loose and open fibers and a thick grain, a marinade can really take hold and make for a memorable meal. Because it's so thin, you need to cook it over high heat to ensure that the outside is well browned by the time the interior is tender and juicy. 

Available In:

H&G Grill Box

Lean and High in Protein

For a 4 ounce serving, skirt steak provides 30.6 grams of protein, 5.8 mg of iron, and 8 mg of Zinc

Also Known As:

• Arrachera
• Fajita Meat
• Fajita Steak

Cooking Suggestions

• Place skirt steak in a shallow dish or plastic bag and marinate for 1.5-2 hours
• Place on a hot grill or heavy skillet or pan and cook each side for 2-3 minutes until the inside is 130°.
• Carefully slice against the grain and at an angle before drizzling on any complimentary sauce. Serve immediately.
• Grilled  |  Pan Seared  |  Roasted  |  Broiled

Wine Pairing

The full-flavor of a marinaded skirt steak paired with a dry, full-bodied, rich, and darkly fruity Malbec or an oaked, sweet, full-bodied Pinot Gris is an unforgettable treat.

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About Pure Black

Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus delivers a new standard in luxury through superior marbling & unrivaled tenderness. It features a premium Black Angus cattle breed, pristine pastures, and no added hormones.

Working directly with dedicated farmers across southern Australia, Pure Black starts with careful cattle selection. They know exactly where our cattle are from and how they have been bred.

Pure Black Angus cattle are peacefully raised on some of the world’s best pastures and once ready, are finished with a custom barley ration.

Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-muscular marbling during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness, texture, flavor,
meat color and fat color.

Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavor.