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Mayura Station Whole Brisket MB8-9

Member Pricing: $134.99

Full Blood Wagyu | avg 20 lbs | MB5+

Treat Your Guests to this Impressive Cut

no gmo barley fed no hormones gsa rated
  • This large full packer Brisket averages around 14lbs of meaty goodness. Full-bodied with a velvety-rich flavor makes a huge impression for any special occasion. 
  • Spectacular appearance, flavor, and size makes this a perfect choice for parties of any size to share.
  • Raised using innovative farming techniques that combine free range grass-fed methods with barley grain-fed finishing for a superior marbling rating of MB8-9
  • This whole brisket is great for smoking, bbq and slow roasting.
  • Extraordinary balance of taste, texture, presentation and marbling in an appealingly thick cut to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.
  • Bold, rich, beefy and potently robust flavoring thanks to generous muscle and fat content — all while maintaining a tender texture
  • Hand trimmed to retain the ideal amount of exterior fat.
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