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Gundagai GLQ5+ Lamb Hind Shanks

Member Pricing: $13.49

Free Range | 1.1 lbs | GLQ5+

Highest Quality + Best Tasting Lamb

  • For a flavorful and juicy meat experience, try Gundagai Lamb’s Hind Shanks. Our premium quality shanks are sourced from only the finest lambs, guaranteeing the most succulent and mouthwatering taste.

  • These shanks are selected from the best Australian lambs and are carefully trimmed to perfection to provide an optimal meat-to-bone ratio.

  • Perfect for slow cooking, roasting, or braising, they're easy to prepare in a variety of delicious ways. Elevate a variety of recipes with this unique and delicious product.

  • Each lamb is graded for the perfect balance of mouth-watering intramuscular fat and just the right amount of tender lean meat.

  • For the first time, objectively measures the overall health and well-being of each lamb. Only the healthiest lamb gets labeled as Gundagai

  • GLQ 5+ means more delicious lean meat with the perfect amount of fat for tender flavor — no excess wasteful fat.

Cooking Suggestions

  • Since this cut comes from a hardworking muscle, they need to be cooked low and slow, and simmered in liquid. 
  • Sear your shanks first before braising to increase the flavor of your dish.
  • Braising this cut makes it fall-off-the bone tender and deeply flavorful. The fat in the meat also creates a richness in the braising liquid, which can be turned into a sauce when plating.
  • Make sure to stir occasionally to avoid scorching, especially if you are swimming on the stovetop.

Wine Pairing

  • If you want to take your dinner featuring Gundagai Lamb Hind Shanks to the next level, why not pair it with a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella? This bold, full-bodied Italian red is made from dried grapes, giving it an intense concentration of flavors and aromas.
  • When it comes to pairing wine with lamb hind shanks, you want a bold red that can stand up to the rich, savory flavors of the meat. Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley fits the bill perfectly. With its intense blackberry and cassis flavors, hints of oak, and firm tannins, this wine is a classic match for lamb.

About Gundagai Lamb

This lamb is truly a cut above

Gundagai is obsessed with knowing as much as they can about the quality of the food they produce and consume. Their new technology allows them to accurately measure the Lean Meat Yield, Intramuscular Fat (think delicious marbling) and Animal Health of all Gundagai Lambs.

They grade each lamb on the perfect balance of mouth watering intramuscular fat and just the right amount of tender lean meat. And for the first time, they are able to objectively measure the overall health and well-being of each lamb. The healthier the lamb? The higher the grade. They never settle for anything less than the highest quality and best tasting lamb, and neither should you.