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Cape Grim Pasture Raised Tomahawk Steak | 28-34 oz

Member Pricing: $76.49

Grass-Fed | 28-32 Ounces | MB4

There's no better, more impressive steak to serve — a cut to share with someone

  • This massive 12 Inch Long-Bone Ribeye steak is thick cut and over two pounds on average, making for an incredible centerpiece for your next gathering
  • This award-winning Tasmanian offering is naturally marbled for maximum juiciness, flavor and graded five-star MSA for tenderness.
  • This cut is made up of two muscles outside of the steer’s rib cage that run along both sides of the spine. These muscles are relatively unused, leaving them buttery tender and soft. 
  • This giant 28-32 ounce cut is rated an extraordinary MB4 score

Available In:

Herd & Grace Gift Set

Nutritional Content

 A 4 ounce serving provides 24 grams of protein.

Cooking Suggestions
• Simply grilled over mesquite charcoal or cast iron seared, this steak will be an amazing eating experience.
• Just season with salt and black pepper to let the natural flavor of this pasture raised beef shine.
• Also cooks beautifully using a reverse sear – bring the steak to
your target temperature with an oven, smoker or grill, then add the sear the final crust on a smoking hot skillet.

Wine Pairing
• Napa Valley Zinfandel
or Amarone della Valpolicella (which is smokey with notes of cherry) especially if you’re cooking the Tomahawk on the grill. The higher fat content of the cut makes for a buttery, fatty flavor and pairs nicely with either high tannins to cut the fat or stronger fruit flavor for contrast.

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About Cape Grim

Tasmania is known for its unspoiled wilderness and remarkable beauty.

The island’s remote nature combines with Southern Ocean swells and whipping winds at Cape Grim to produce the purest air and rain on earth.

The cape’s abundant precipitation also produces rich pastures overseen by ranchers committed to sustainable, ethical practices. The result? A superior source of tender, marbled, premium-grade beef from cattle that have never ever been fed hormones, antibiotics or GMOs - just pure air, clean water and pristine pasture.

Cape Grim Beef is entirely grass-fed and guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full flavored compared to other beef. Better yet, as required by Tasmanian law, it is completely free of hormone growth promotants.

With lungs full of clean air and bellies filled with the region’s superior pasture, Cape Grim’s British breeds of cattle have earned their reputation for producing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best products and letting quality speak for itself.