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Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Loin Lomo | 1 lb

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Free Range |avg 1.25lbs | Ibérico Pork

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  • The Ibérico Pork Loin has intense flavor while being a lean cut.

  • This cut is high in nutritional value and low in fat making it the perfect option for people following a healthy diet.

  • Campo Grande’s Ibérico Pork pigs roam throughout oak groves in Spain and dine on acorns. This results in a unique, nutty flavor with a hint of umami. The continuous grazing also gives them a large amount of muscle fibers and infiltrated fat.

  • If you are cooking for a group, this cut is sure to make a statement on your table. Pairing this cut with a delicious marinade and roasting it in the oven is the perfect way to create a tender and hearty dish.

  • This cut comes from the upper part of the animal, near the spine.

Cooking Instructions

  • Pork Loin is a very lean, yet tender, cut. This means that it tends to dry out if it is not cooked properly. 
  • For a juicy eating experience, check the temperature of the cut while it’s cooking and add liquid, like wine or beef stock, to prevent it from drying out. 
  • Accompany with rice, sautéed or roasted vegetables, piquillo peppers, or your favorite way to make potatoes. 
  • This cut also pairs well with a variety of sauces such as blue cheese, BBQ, mushroom, or a red fruit sauce. 

Wine Pairing

  • For leaner pork roasts, like this one, light red wines and full bodied whites are great choices. Pinot Noir or Dolcetto are great choices. Or, break out your favorite Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, or White Rhone blend. 
  • Looking for something original, grab a Fiano, an unique white varietal from the Campania region of Italy. 
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Campo Grande Ibérico Pork

Campo Grande's Ibérico pork is the perfect example of attention to genetics, lifestyle, and diet creating incredibly marbled cuts. They source directly from humane family-owned farms in southern Spain that never use gestation or farrowing crates, nor antibiotics or hormones.

These rustic Slow Growth black-hoofed hogs are free-range and live twice as long as their industrial counterparts. Their 100% vegetarian diet hinges on nuts and grasses, which makes for multilayered flavor and off-the-charts marbling.