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Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Coppa | 2.5 lb

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Free Range | 15-22 oz | Ibérico Pork

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  • Coppa is coveted by chefs around the globe because it offers numerous cooking possibilities and ways of incorporating flavors.
  • Also referred to as the “mogote” in Spain, the Coppa comes from the upper collar of the Iberico pig.
  • Coppa Iberico pork boasts a marbling of intramuscular fat, which imparts a buttery texture and enhances its succulence.
  • No antibiotics. No hormones. Non-GMO. High in Omega-9s and oleic acid.
  • With its succulent fat content, Iberico pork delivers an intense umami flavor that lingers on the palate. Its tender yet firm texture ensures a delightful chewiness that adds complexity to every bite.

Cooking Instructions

  • In the Spanish countryside, chefs cook Coppa low and slow on a grill.
  • First, season the Coppa and sear the whole hunk over direct heat to get a nicely browned crust.
  • Then, wrap it in foil (you can also add onions, citrus juice, wine, and peppers here) and set it over indirect heat to cook for about 3-4 hours or until the meat hits an internal temperature of 145°F.

Wine Pairing

  • One excellent choice is a full-bodied red wine, such as a Rioja Reserva or a Tempranillo. These wines boast robust flavors and tannins that harmonize with the deep, savory taste of Coppa Ibérico. Their earthy undertones and hints of dark fruit provide an ideal balance to the pork's natural smokiness.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer white wine, opt for an aged Albariño or a Chardonnay with oak aging.
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Campo Grande Ibérico Pork

Campo Grande's Ibérico pork is the perfect example of attention to genetics, lifestyle, and diet creating incredibly marbled cuts. They source directly from humane family-owned farms in southern Spain that never use gestation or farrowing crates, nor antibiotics or hormones.

These rustic Slow Growth black-hoofed hogs are free-range and live twice as long as their industrial counterparts. Their 100% vegetarian diet hinges on nuts and grasses, which makes for multilayered flavor and off-the-charts marbling.