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Cooking Spice | Yuzu Salt 1.34oz

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From cocktails to desserts to savory dishes, yuzu citrus is taking the culinary world by storm. This yuzu-blended finishing salt is a perfect addition to your kitchen, simply because it’s exquisite and unique.

Made with Bando Farm’s whole yuzu fruit and rock salt sourced and processed in the U.S., Yuzu Salt exhibits a refreshing aroma with a mild sour taste. Unlike other yuzu salt that uses only the rind, it also contains components from the pulp and juice, making it particularly zesty and exciting.

The rock salt, mined from a 420 million year-old salt dome and processed using the Alberger method, delivers a subtle flavor and texture. It’s a versatile salt that brightens up your dish in appearance and taste and ultimately elevates your menu. It contains no artificial additives.