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Asada Collection

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Get ready to sizzle and dazzle with our Asada Collection from our Herd & Grace Steak Shop! Crafted by our sales associate and aspiring chef, Alexis Vasquez, this box is bursting with the juiciest and most succulent cuts that will elevate your grilling game. The blend of thinly sliced Wagyu, barley-fed Angus beef, and Ibérico pork cuts make for a tantalizing feast that will have your BBQ guests coming back for more.

This box contains 7 amazing cuts:

  • One 16oz Black Opal F1 Wagyu Asada Flap
  • One 16oz Campo Grande Ibérico Pork Abanico Steak
  • Two 16oz Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Asada Flap
  • Two 12-14oz Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Outside Skirt 
  • One 5.6oz Chili Lime Margarita Seasoning Rub

Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a big summer bash, this collection has something for everyone. So, fire up the grill and get ready to impress with the Asada Collection!

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The Asada Collection Contains

Two Barley-Fed Angus Cuts

The Best Carne Asada You'll Ever Taste Thinly sliced from hand-selected premium cuts of tender, marbled, flavorful Angus beef Uses a unique tenderstretching technique which en...

Two Delicious Cuts

A hard to find butcher's favorite, reserved for upscale restaurants Pure Black focuses on high genetic Angus Cattle and raises them with a 250-day barley feeding regiment.  ...

One Incredibly Marbled Cuts

The Best Carne Asada You'll Ever Taste Thinly sliced from hand-selected premium cuts of tender, marbled, flavorful F1 Wagyu/Angus beef Black Opal is an amazing crossbred of W...

One Ibérico Pork Cuts

Iberico pork, renowned for its exceptional quality and distinct flavor, offers a tantalizing experience for food enthusiasts. This Skirt Steak contains a high level of marblin...

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Pure Black

Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus delivers a new standard in luxury through superior marbling & unrivaled tenderness. It features a premium Black Angus cattle breed, pristine pastures, and no added hormones.

Working directly with dedicated farmers across South Australia, Pure Black starts with careful cattle selection. They know exactly where our cattle are from and how they have been bred.

Black Opal Wagyu

Black Opal’s cattle are raised on Victoria and Tasmania’s pristine
pastures before spending 380 days on grain creating a rich, buttery flavor and superb texture.

The entire Black Opal process, from breeding to processing guarantees the consistent supply of Australia’s finest Wagyu, all year round. Its rich, buttery flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture is a truly luxurious eating experience.

Campo Grande

Campo Grande's Ibérico pork is the perfect example of attention to genetics, lifestyle, and diet. All of these features play a role in
creating incredibly marbled cuts.

They source directly from humane family-owned farms in southern Spain that never use gestation or farrowing crates, nor antibiotics or hormones.