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Cape Grim Pasture-Raised MB4+ Ribeye Steak 12 oz

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Grass-Fed | 12 Ounces | MB4

Some of the most tender, marbled, and flavorful meat on the whole animal

  • Referred to as the king of steaks, the Ribeye is perfectly suited to both casual and upscale get-togethers. One of the most beloved cuts by food lovers — a true reigning celebrity of the current steak landscape. The Ribeye perfectly balances taste, texture, and marbling in a thick cut to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.
  • Bold, rich, beefy and potently robust flavoring thanks to generous muscle and fat content — all while maintaining a tender texture
  • Exquisite and beautiful marbling — the most marbled cut available
  • During cooking, the rich marbling slowly melts and renders — naturally basting the meat for utmost tenderness, juiciness, and taste.
  • Richly complex and balanced because it is comprised of a collection of 4 different muscles connected by tender fat
  • Hand trimmed to retain the ideal amount of exterior fat
  • Contains the rib cap, also referred to as the Spinalis Dorsi, which is renowned for its desirable extreme flavor and tenderness — by far the most delicate part of the Ribeye available.
  • Tasmanian Ribeye is renowned for its uniquely delicious flavor, born of the cleanest air and pristine free range grass-fed farming practices.
  • This tender 12 ounce cut is rated with an extraordinary MB4 score

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H&G Grass-Fed Box

Nutritional Content

A 4 ounce cut of Ribeye contains a whopping 22 grams of protein and zero carbs. All while also providing calcium, iron, and potassium.

Also Known As

• Delmonica
• Spencer
• Beauty Steak
• Sarket Steak
• Scotch fillet
• Whiskey fillet
• Entrecot (in France)
• Ojo de Bife (in Argentina)
• Rostbraten (in Austria)

Cooking Suggestions
• Best grilled or pan-seared using a hot surface.
• Such a naturally flavorful cut that simple salt and pepper seasoning will suffice for a delicious dish
• Make sure steaks are completely thawed before cooking
• Allow steaks to sit 30-40 minutes to assume room temperature
• Preheat a heavy non-stick pan or cast iron skillet over medium heat for 5 minutes. A hot pan sears the best!
• Place your steak in the heated skillet. We recommend you not add oil or cover in order to maximize and protect natural flavor.
• The high fat content requires a longer cooking time — for the ideal medium-rare steak, sear in a skillet for 12–1,turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
• A very important step
is to rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.
• Resting steak is vital!
While cooking, the heat pulls juices in the meat toward the surface of the steak. If you cut into it immediately after cooking, the essential, flavorful juices will be wasted as they spill out onto your plate.
• Allowing your steak to rest will allow the juices time to sink back in where they belong, so they can be distributed throughout the meat, keeping it tender, moist and flavorful.

Wine Pairing
• Cabernet Sauvignon
's high tannin content does a great job of cutting through and complimenting the unique juiciness of the ribeye steak.
• For a great contrast, choose a spicy Zinfandel. The rich fruitiness of the wine and the robust meatiness of the ribeye make for a delicious combination.
• Any red wine, such as a Shiraz from Australia or California, contains high acidity and aids in protein digestion and amplifies the flavor and tenderness of the fat and proteins.

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About Cape Grim

Tasmania is known for its unspoiled wilderness and remarkable beauty.

The island’s remote nature combines with Southern Ocean swells and whipping winds at Cape Grim to produce the purest air and rain on earth.

The cape’s abundant precipitation also produces rich pastures overseen by ranchers committed to sustainable, ethical practices. The result? A superior source of tender, marbled, premium-grade beef from cattle that have never ever been fed hormones, antibiotics or GMOs - just pure air, clean water and pristine pasture.

Cape Grim Beef is entirely grass-fed and guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full flavored compared to other beef. Better yet, as required by Tasmanian law, it is completely free of hormone growth promotants.

With lungs full of clean air and bellies filled with the region’s superior pasture, Cape Grim’s British breeds of cattle have earned their reputation for producing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best products and letting quality speak for itself.