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Members-Only Exclusive Access to Premium 5-Star Australian Steaks


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5 Exclusive and Rare Tasmanian and South Autralian Cuts that will Elevate Your BBQ

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Coveted, Hard to Find "Butcher's Cuts" That Aren't Available Anywhere Else

Make this box the undisputed star of your next BBQ. These are cuts you won't find at the market — these highly coveted delicacies are normally reserved for the most upscale restaurants. One bite and you'll understand why they are in such demand.

Enjoy 5 hand-selected curated cuts from Tasmania and South Australia — with the cleanest air in the world, lush meadows, and a peaceful stress-free existence. The way farming is meant to be.

This box contains:

  • 24-28 ounce Pure Black Tri-Tip Cut
  • Two (2) Massive 28-32 ounce Cape Grim Tomahawk Steaks
  • One (1) 3-4 Pound Cut of Pure Black Picanha MB5+

This premium collection of coveted Tasmanian and South Australian steaks would cost at least $675 at a fine dining restaurant or steakhouse — but for the first time you can have them delivered directly to your home for less than half of that. Even less if you're a member of the Herd & Grace Club.

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The H&G BBQ Box Contains:

One Massive MB5+ Rated Rarity

The Best Kept Secret in High End Steak For those in the know, this prized cut is grouped with favorites such as the Ribeye and Filet Mignon for taste and tenderness. Celebrate...

Two 16 Ounce MB5 Barley-Fed Cuts

This famed Central California delicacy packs a buttery, beefy taste that's incredibly tender to chew The tri-tip is a staple of Central California cuisine. This triangular cut...

Two Impressive MB4 Grass-Fed Cuts

There's no better, more impressive steak to serve — a cut to share with someone This massive 12 Inch Long-Bone Ribeye steak is thick cut and over two pounds on average, making...

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About Pure Black

Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus delivers a new standard in luxury through superior marbling & unrivaled tenderness. It features a premium Black Angus cattle breed, pristine pastures, and no added hormones.

Working directly with dedicated farmers across South Australia, Pure Black starts with careful cattle selection. They know exactly where our cattle are from and how they have been bred.

Pure Black Angus cattle are peacefully raised on some of the world’s best pastures and once
ready, are finished with a custom barley ration.

Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-muscular marbling during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness, texture, flavor, meat color and fat color.

Pure Black Barley Fed Angus Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavor.

About Cape Grim

Tasmania is known for its unspoiled wilderness and remarkable beauty.

The island’s remote nature combines with Southern Ocean swells and whipping winds at Cape Grim to produce the purest air and rain on earth.

The cape’s abundant precipitation also produces rich pastures overseen by ranchers committed to sustainable, ethical practices. The result? A superior source of tender, marbled, premium-grade beef from cattle that have never ever been fed hormones, antibiotics or GMOs - just pure air, clean water and pristine pasture.

Cape Grim Beef is entirely grass-fed and guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full flavored compared to other beef. Better yet, as required by Tasmanian law, it is completely free of hormone growth promotants.

With lungs full of clean air and bellies filled with the region’s superior pasture, Cape Grim’s British breeds of cattle have earned their reputation for producing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best products and letting quality speak for itself.